Asterion Tools

Managing a metal finishing process requires a series of precise calculations.  Engineers must consider surface area, plating times, plating thickness and addition rates based on tank volumes.

Asterion Tools is a new mobile application which puts the formulas for all the calculations commonly used in metal finishing processes at your finger tips. This free  app also provides quick calculations of data for electroplating, conversion calculators and a link to helpful articles, videos and troubleshooting guides.

Why spend time searching through workbooks and directories when you can simply find the formula and run the calculation from your phone?   The app is free and available for Android and Apple products.   Download the App today. 

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The platform includes calculators, conversions, and a reference table. Here’s a quick look at the app:

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  • Plating Thickness: Calculate the plating thickness based on the electrolyte, time and current density
  • Surface Area Calculator: Calculate surface area of common objects using the objects dimensions
  • Tank Volume: Calculate the tank volume of a common object using object dimensions
  • Addition Rates for Tanks: Calculate the total addition in liters or gallons based on Tank Volume and Percent by Volume add
  • Current Capacity for Bussing: Calculate the amperage of an object based on metal, height and width

Conversions allow the user to convert from:

  • English to Metric
  • Metric to English
  • English to English
  • Mils, Microns, Tenths

Reference Table:

  • Metal Content of Common Salts allows the user to easily find the formula, molecular weight, or percent metal for common salts

What’s New in Version 2.1

  •  iOS Enhancements
  • Mobile and Tablet usage
  • Updated calculations
  • Articles, videos and contact information
  • We’ve updated the metric to English unit calculator to ensure that you are receiving the correct conversions